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My dad taught me to play the guitar. We grew up with country music. We had every Willie Nelson record (laughs). I was saved at a young age and had a great desire to follow God. I was really focused on that through my whole life, even as a kid and through high school.

I played at my church every once in a while, but that's not a good gauge, because everybody loves you at your church.

That whole idea of walking in the way of the truth of God, consecrating ourselves, being obedient to the Lord, and living for His renown, His glory, His fame. I felt that was really communicated very well. I was excited to see how all these different worship leaders would have the right songs at the right times.

I think there are a lot of people that lead worship don't really understand the weight of what they do. But I think it is all about leadership. It's how you lead people into understanding what this is about. But also the wind of God, the fresh Spirit of God has been amazing, and that is what has caused people to turn their hearts towards it. Worship music is the most popular thing in Christian music.

I do a few camps, but I don't do too many anymore. We do a lot of worship conferences and concerts… We are planting a church in Austin. That's a big deal that started this year. That's where you'll find me most Sundays.

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