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Chris Potter Quotes

"There's a whole world of influences that are more available to us now than ever before. You can walk into a record store and get a CD from a tiny village in Africa and it's amazing. There is so much music out there that you can check out and I want more and more to find out how to combine these influences into my music."
Chris Potter

The writing of the music was sort of a gradual process. I mean there were a couple of tunes that were written before the whole idea really came together and I realized that they would fit into that context. But I guess most of the writing happened within a period of three to four months. Once it was all set and I knew who the band would be, we rehearsed for a couple of days and then recorded for two days. It really did feel like a band√?¬?pretty much immediately and I was able to capture the essence of what I was trying to go for pretty quickly. I was thinking of trying to write for these guys also, just what they could bring to the date.
Chris Potter

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