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I got into the studio when I was thirteen. At the age of twelve I was doing public performances.

I want to invest and have my own record label and artists. I want to have a business where my kids, kids, kids will still have something going on long after I'm gone.

Man, I love coming home. St. Louis is actually hard to capture.

On this album I've got a song called "Pretty Black Woman" so they can understand that I'm not degrading women just because we sing and talk about women with nice bodies.

Some people think its just fun and games and others don't know how much I pushed to get here. They have to be in my shoes, but by listening to my music they can find out.

"It's just a woman's body, period. It's the man's addiction to that woman, when he sees her walk past, how he wants that woman and wishes he could have that woman, just get to know her name at least. He'll tell his homeboy, "Look at that girl right (there). She makes me crazy," and he expresses the way he feels.
(meaning of Right Thurr)

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