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"My style is really more cool and laid back, I’m the lowest note out of the group and I have sort of a soothing, airy feel to my voice. Farrah’s the sophisticated one in the group. Felisha and I are kinda tomboyish while Neosha is the sexy one. She’s the soprano. We all have our unique sound.”

“We write the music that we can relate to, that we want to dance to and get crunk in a club to,... it’s definitely a good thing when you can portray your style and what everybody else your age, older or younger, is listening to.”

“All four of us put our heads together for this song, ....we put our ideas down and thought about what young people wanted to hear nowadays. Being from Atlanta, we had to add that A-Town feel to it. We gotta represent where we’re from.”
Felisha (about "Do It To It")

“Because we write so much, we like producers that can build a song around what we do, if they can produce around our ideas, that is wonderful, perfect chemistry. We like people that bring heavy beats. We love the chemistry that we have with the producers on our album.”

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