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I always ask painters to do my posters, unless there isnít enough time. I hardly know Bernard Buffet, but I like his painting, Iíve got a few pictures by him... Itís really his wife, Annabelle, I know, I used to work with her... in the same night-club. It was she who was my intermediary. Iím delighted with the result, even though some have criticised it, found it too dark, too sad... This poster is tremendous.
Charles Aznavour 

Whenever I start doing something new, I say to myself that I should have had a fortnight to get myself in the right frame of mind. But here I am, Iíve just come back from filming in Portugal, Iím promoting the tour, Iím involved with an association for disabled children in Lille [north of France], Iím dining with the Armenian President, who has just received an honorary doctorate at the Sorbonne... Itís a tiring life, but I live very healthily, nothing to excess. For the last week, Iíve only had one glass of red wine with lunch, my only meal of the day, one course, no dessert. Afterwards, when the tour has begun, I relax the diet. With my wife, we take all our meals in restaurants. Preferably Italian or French. Otherwise, one of the great pleasures of touring is discovering new ones. I never go anywhere without my two bibles, one in each hand: the Michelin guide and the Gault Millau. And I check them against each other.
Charles Aznavour 

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