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John Denver and Neil Diamond. By far. I used to stand in front of the stereo when I was little kid, playing the guitar upside-down: I didnít know left-handed from right-handed. I would play those records in entirety, and Iíd ask mom to keep flipping them over cause I didnít know how to operate the record machine or anything like that, and I would just stand in front of her and scream Ďem as loud as I could, and I would provide some semblance of entertainment for my mom. John Denver and Neil Diamond. You know, I donít think thatís a bad foundation to learn from.
Will Johnson

Well, Iíll tend to write a lot of songs and then recording time will roll around and weíll get as much done as we can and just draw from that and basically handpick a record that really makes sense to us or that we really like a lot.
Will Johnson

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