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My background would be in the classical end of music. I started training when I was 7 years of age as a boy soprano, and we -- I actually figured out earlier on that Damian is half my age. I’m 28. So when Damian was a twinkle in his mommy’s eye, I was actually recording my first album, which is kind of strange and kind of saddening that I’m actually that old now. But in any case, you know, over the years I would have done quite a bit of, you know, light opera and oratorio work and so forth, and with that then I joined a group of tenors and off we went traipsing around the States, as three tenors generally do, and I figured out soon enough that there was plenty of three tenors going around, and the novelty wore off fairly lively, and I left the group and kind of said I would focus very much on my solo career, and you know, I wanted to kind of almost step out of the classical genre as well, because I feel that, you know, just because I’m a classically trained singer doesn’t necessarily mean I shouldn’t be able to sing other stuff, you know.
Paul Byrom

I think when you have a classical training, it can only stand to you, you know. You can always go into other styles of music. It’s very difficult to go into classical, you know, so I think once you have that background and that general knowledge of how to use the voice and how to project it and all the rest, I think it can only stand to you. I have found that you do certainly need to kind of maybe ease off on the classical feel to certain songs, because if you’re like standing singing “Raggle, Taggle, Gypsy” as a tenor, it would be a train crash, you know.
Paul Byrom

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