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I just think the differences are more that the DJs have to be more of entertainers now, where before they were just hidden behind a DJ booth and that was it, playing records. I think itís good in some aspects and bad in some others, because everybodyís gone to the forefront and nobody is left in the back of the booth playing their music.
Robert Clivilles

I consider good music a variety, I mean I just want the music all night long for a crowd. When I grew up with the Paradise Garage and Larry Levan, he played a variety, he was never really stuck on just house music, which is disco music. If there was a hot Mick Jagger record he would play it, Grace Jones, you know, there was downtempo that were good as well that were classics, and these days when you go into clubs all you hear is bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, no musicality, no lyrics to sing along to, no mood change, you know, as far as tempo.
Robert Clivilles

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