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Considering you are pretty much like this the whole time whether you’re onstage, whether you’re in the van, whether you’re eating, whether you’re in the hotel room. So everyone has their moments and you kind of learn to respect people’s space when they’re not in a good mood.
Barry Privett

It’s close to our old sound. We didn’t really start out that way. It was kind of an evolution in and of itself. We’re just experimenting and not afraid to try new things, not afraid to leave things for a while. When we wrote for “Indian Summer,” half of them kind of had that Celtic feel, but they weren’t really inspired or inspiring to us. They just weren’t the best songs and we had to choose what felt the best.
Barry Privett

Yeah, these guys all write musical ideas, then they’ll give it to me and I’ll work on the lyrics. Then we’ll kind of regroup and fill in the holes and rearrange some things.
Barry Privett

It’s been a little tough just because we’ve been playing so much. Your lives are getting a little more complicated than they were straight out of college when we first started. People are starting to get married, have families and all, it becomes more of a challenge. It’s not an easy lifestyle.
Barry Privett

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