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I haven't written songs for quite a long time actually, since I finished the album, which was about two years ago. I only just recently started up again with ideas. It's kind of difficult, because I went straight from recording the album into getting signed, and really having to learn the ropes of the business.

As human beings in general ... I don't think we've grown that much. Technology wise, we are getting too intelligent for our own good.

I loved growing up there, but we spent a lot of the time in the cities as well. It was kind of a mixture, sometimes being in the Outback and sometimes being in cities and small towns. I love the Outback, it's so huge and you feel so tiny. There is something amazing about that. I loved my childhood, it was great; it's still great. I'm still a kid.
(about Austrailia)

I still do one song by myself onstage. it gives people the extremely personal thing where it's just me on guitar. But, I think the songs are better as a band. I think with all of the extra little hooks and backing vocals, it just adds to what my initial idea was.

I usually start with a guitar riff or some little pattern of chords, and then I kind of go from there. Usually my lyrics are the last thing to go onto a song. For years and years I only ever did instrumental, so I'm still trying to get confidant with my lyrics and find the right balance. I'll generally get inspired from the music. I'll have a guitar line, and then I'll have a melody line, and I hook the lyrics up to fit that rhythm. So, my lyrics to tend be very rhythmic as well. They work with the music rather than the music works around them.

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