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On the West coast there is not a lot of rock Ďní roll stations, so we do much better on the East coast. Itís been a top market for us, for a long time. There is only one rock station here and itís KROQ and they donít really play a lot of rock Ďní roll, But playing back here has been a lot of fun, this is where weíre from.
Josh Todd

We write songs all sorts of ways. Sometimes heíll send me a riff and Iíll take it home, write a melody and sometimes itís the other way around, Iíll say Ďhey Ė I only have a chorusí and heíll finish the song musically, and we'll just go back and forth like that. Thereís a lot of different ways I guess. We also write with all the others guys in the band
Josh Todd

I was always happy, it just got to the point where were werenít getting along so well. We had to take our little hiatus.
Josh Todd

"Itís really cool to meet new people and be in different places and be in a town youíve never been before and the kids are singing the lyrics to the songs that arenít on the radio, and thatís really cool."

Cocaine hasnít been that popular in a long time. I mean crystal meth kinda screwed up the whole coke market cause itís cheaper and you stay up longer.
Josh Todd

It does bring out some really crazy girls. They come up to you with psychotic eyes, they want to act out that song with you, and you know, itís just funny. Or they will, like, hug me and start scratching my back and Iíll be like Ďhey, woah, what are you doing?í like Iím all about it, all the time or something.
Josh Todd

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