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Bubba Sparxxx Quotes

You know, that's kind of the thing, I can't freestyle and I used to always wonder why I couldn't, and when I would try once out of every six months, but I was always a great writer!

A lot of people thought I was going to be a one-hit wonder, so I had that chip on my shoulder.

As far as back in that era, my formative years, me finding out what hip-hop was and what I really liked about it, and what made me want to rap.

But then again in the East Coast, I think, Tupac, inspired everybody on the East Coast, everybody down south, everybody in the West Coast you know what sayin'.

God makes something special and unique about each person that sets them apart from every other person, and to me that's is what artistry is about, whether you are a plumber, a pinter, a musician whatever it is that is unique about you that is translated into your art.

I just want to, I think that Bubba Sparxxx represents something fresh in hip-hop, that ultimately it's gonna lead to giving hip-hop ten, fifteen more years of life.

I took it upon myself to paint a better picture of rural life and what it is all about.

I want to get into the whole clothing thing, movies, but I just want to make sure that my artistry is locked down.

I wanted to tell my story in a way I haven't done before, things I've been going through in my life.

I started writing when I was about fourteen, but when I was about sixteen you know, I heard Outkast, that was pretty much when I was sold on it.

The first time, I don't think I could have possibly been any less prepared for everything accompanying the release of the album.

The same things go on everywhere, whether you're from the city, the country or wherever.

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