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Brooke Valentine Quotes

“I've never killed anyone but I've felt the emotion”

“When you’re listening to my album, I want you to know that things happen and eventually you get over it”

“It was important that this album [Chain Letter] was an accurate reflection of me”

“I would sit in the back at church every Sunday trying to hide, and just when I thought I’d gotten through the service without her [grandmother] calling on me to sing ‘His Eye Is On The Sparrow,’ she’d always call me up”

“I was so used to being in a group, I thought that’s how it needed to be until Deja asked me to perform one night at a showcase. I realized that it felt very natural performing solo and we decided right there that’s how I’d continue to perform”

“I've fought to get where I am today”

“If people wanted to fight me-because of my hair or because my skin was too dark-then I fought them”

"It is a fight and struggle to just be yourself."

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