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Brian McFadden Quotes

What we're playing here is a cat-and-mouse game. Are we going to have two factions sitting here, trying to wait out the other faction?”

“We basically want to provide the Internet with the kind of reliability people are accustomed to seeing in their telephone network,”

“I guarantee you're about to blow the deal of the century. You're not going to get a property like this (again). God doesn't make it any more.”

"I'll know I'm famous when I have five Ferraris, seven houses, Cameron Diaz on my arm and a little man following me with a huge bag of money."

"When I was at school I got lines for dropping a big squelchy, loud fart. My teacher, who was a priest, made me write 'I must not fart in class' 100 times. I left that school shortly afterwards."

"We were round Ronan's having dinner. One of his friends was having a drink and we swapped his short with a swig of vinegar. Then we started going 'Drink, drink, drink!' He did it, his face turned green and then he puked everywhere!"

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