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I'm excited for people to hear the album. I'm looking forward to them being able to pop it in their car radio and listen to it, ... I'm not even worried about it at this point. I'm done now. I told the people at the label, 'It's up to you guys now. I'm going on vacation.'

"They'll just come out of nowhere, ... You're not going to believe the wedding we went to last week. The best man started his toast with 'I've got a confession to make...'

I first heard it on a demo right before my aunt died. And then she died, and it was the hardest thing my family had been through. She had cancer and fought it very bravely for seven years. She shouldn't have made it two, really, with the type of cancer she had. I wanted to cut that song for what it said.

I'm sick of gas prices. It's not effecting us (his organization). We just did the West Virginia State Fair, and if I'd have been a new artist that would have been $1,000 dollars in bus fuel to go up there and do that gig and back. And, some of these newer acts they get $5,000 to play a show and they're not going to make it unless they (can) pay their band and you can't tour with that.

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