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I remember my first day at school because it was an all girls school. The first thing I had to do was painting and I was roaring crying because they made me wear a smock to protect my clothes. But to me it looked like a dress!

It is because of him that today Iam a part of Boyzone.On seeing 'The Prince of Bel-Air' I decided to choose a career in music.If I ever did a duet with anyone it'd be with Will Smith.

"I'd say our first single ever - 'Love Me For A Reason' , that is. Just as an introduction to the industry. I fit hadn't been for that single, then we obviously wouldn't have made it this far. "

If it comes, I deal with it. I don't get over-exicted about things, I don't over-react. There's no point trying to please everybody all at the same time.

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