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Well I think that one of our greatest professional challenges is to be successful every time out. There aren't a lot of artists that can be successful all of the time so we try to be our best and do the best that we can do. It's a very big challenge for us.

Yeah, sometimes we have fights. We work it out just by knowing that these are only disagreements and disagreements are things that we can work out. We know that we can talk about it and there is no need to get physical, just as long as we keep mature about the situation.

We do a lot of stuff with the "Make a Wish" foundation. We do a lot of celebrity basketball tournaments. We try to get in as many charitable events as we can.

This is basically what I wanted to do. This was my initial goal. Even when I was a kid. Inspiration is God giving me the strength to continue doing this and not falling off. God knew what I wanted to do and I went for it. I don't have any other ideas of what I would be doing. My mother has also been very influential in life.

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