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I think the Sierra Club is the environmental group that has the best chance of really accomplishing things. It's well known, and it actually gets down to doing the dirty work of protecting the environment.
Tom Scholz

I met Brad, soft spoken and unassuming, when he auditioned in a recording studio outside of Boston one night to sing several songs I had written. Back then in the early í70s recording a song demo meant coming up with a significant amount of money, several weeks of my day-job savings, to buy a few hours of 8 track time.
Tom Scholz

Brad and I banged our heads against the wall trying to get a break with record companies for five years. During that time he and I did a lot of basement recording; we received absolutely zero recognition locally and complete rejection submitting our demos to national record labels. I think this experience put our future success in perspective as we both realized that after so many years of insult, we were just very lucky to be able to record and play music above ground! Unlike many other individuals eventually involved with Boston, Bradís down-to-earth personality never wavered; it was his natural demeanor.
Tom Scholz

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