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Singing talent I think is a God given gift. Song writing is a God given gift. You can teach somebody to write a song, that doesn't make them a good songwriter. People will go to song writing classes. I know they're all around, but I don't know anybody who decided I'll become a songwriter and sits down and writes hit songs. It's something I think you can either do or you can't. People are born with a voice and they can either sing or they can't sing. When it comes to songwriting, I don't think it's something you can teach. You can teach better songwriting. You can critique somebody's songs...somebody says "what do you think of this song?" You can say, well, honestly I think it's a little too wordy. You need to shorten it. You got a five minute song. You need to cut it down to 2 1/2 - 3 minutes. Things like that. I still to this day get poems sent to me all the time. People say if you can just put a melody to this, it'll be a hit. I want to say "no, it couldn't." A lot of people write poems and they're using words and phrases that aren't commercial and just aren't the way people talk. Specially nowadays. You can't phrase things like "The sun it was coming up" People don't talk like that. If you read old poetry you might find things like that, but not too many hit songs have phrases like that. 
Bobby Goldsboro 

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