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Bobby Bland Quotes

“You have a lot of people that buy that type of music. I listen to it occasionally if someone's got a radio on, but to just go out in left field and try to find it, no. I don't know how anyone gets into this music field, how they do it, but if they gonna do blues they're gonna have to be dead serious about what they're saying and how they're going say it and what they're doing.”
Bobby Bland

“Because it's the way that you feel and the stories that you are listening to that usually happen to people... like... the things I sing about are basically, somewhat, what goes on in my life. They're stories and I enjoy telling the stories.”
Bobby Bland

“The stories that I was telling during that time, I didn't know how strong they really were until I got a little older and then listened to them over again and in those stories was pretty much my life.”
Bobby Bland

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