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I've always thought we were a country rock band. Country rock bands are historically rock bands, who grew up on rock music and then discovered country. Usually discover a lot of other things at the same time, psychedelics, jazz, whatever, and then just kind of mixed some version or hybrid of it. I think that's what we have done. When we started doing this kind of music Greg and I had no prior knowledge of country music, none what's so ever. I don't think either of us could play a Country song all the way through. But we had admiration for Kristofferson and some of the rock musicians who had gone through Nashville, ‘Skyline' for Bob Dylan and the Byrds and that kind of stuff. We started getting into that, and it has always been a second or third of fourth hand version of country music. Then we started to meet guys that introduced us to George Jones and all that and as much as I admire that, I have never tried to emulate it. I'm was not born in the States, I'm not American. I don't have that background in Country music. It's always been this bastardization of it that's appealed to me.
Jim Cuddy 

I think it's just time, fifteen years in the group. I've really always written in a musical partnership and the opportunity was there to do it, a little time in the schedule. I think it's just part of the evolution of doing music. Being in a group is great and interesting. It's like being in a family and stepping aside from it and doing something different. It gives you a whole other prospective on being in the family. It's a lot of work doing it on your own. I couldn't believe it.
Jim Cuddy 

Well I think there is the distinct difference. The fiddle creates an instrumental character that's different and the instruments that go with the fiddle. We couldn't use the organ and keyboards with the fiddle because the fiddle kind of does that, it takes that space. On the other hand this record is much more centered around my voice. Everything is much more supportive of my voice tone and the whole story, and obviously in Blue Rodeo there is lots of elements that tell the story.
Jim Cuddy 

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