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Blossom Dearie Quotes

“The whole group was supposed to go to the States, but they didn’t. So I went home, and stayed there. Since then I’ve been doing a solo on the night club circuit, television and albums.” 
Blossom Dearie

‘And a lot of good jazz pianists cannot accompany singers. It’s two different things. Accompanying is a talent all in itself. If you just play 4,000 notes and a lot of useless arpeggios and things—it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a distraction.’
Blossom Dearie

‘I’m very fortunate with rhythm sections. I find good musicians all over. And they all like me and my music—I’m very happy about that. We all get along very well. Kenny and Benny—they’re wonderful, I wish it could have gone on longer. Jeff and Johnny are marvellous, too.’ 
Blossom Dearie

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