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Blood for Blood Quotes

I don't know if those are our biggest but some other influences include Cro-Mags, Breakdown, Killing Time, Misfits, Slayer, Carnivore, Dead Boys, AF, Social Distortion, etc......
White Trash Rob

Hatecore is not what we play. We play White Trash hardcore/punk rock. Our music is geared for all the outsiders and scumbags of the world. Itís for people that have no where to turn in life and have no hope either.
White Trash Rob

Don't care about Ray, he has his life and I have mine. We're not SxE but itís cool if you are and animal liberation has nothing to do with my life
White Trash Rob (about Ray Cappo)

I like fanzines for the most part but there are way too many out there that just waste space about whining about the scene and promote shitty bands that have nothing to do with what this whole movement is supposed to be about.
White Trash Rob

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