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I think we gained a lot of new fans with the last two records, and we wanted to introduce them to some of our older stuff. Plus, we'd also heard that there were a lot of people who were having a hard time getting a hold of the first two records, mainly because of distribution. And this was also a way to get some unreleased material to them, and the 7" stuff, because a lot of people had been asking about it.

Yeah, my wife was going out there for a specific reason, because she was writing an essay……….but for me, I just went there to basically see things with my own eyes, just to be a sponge and absorb everything I saw. So that's pretty much what we did, but when we were there, we were helping out, and we met this guy that was from Long Beach, he'd been living there for 2 years, and he was taking us around.

I think the reason it is shifting so much is because we are four different individuals and we all have different ideas on where we want to go. So when we come together something very creative comes out. You know, before a record sometimes we think, 'yeah man we should do a record like this.' Then we come into the same room and we really dont know what is going to happen. It comes down to we are all very different.

We all grew up in Christians homes and had a good upbringing. So I dont know that any of us really have a life changing story. There comes a point even if you grow up in a Christian home, you have to make a decision whether what you believe is real or not real.

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