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I think that people need to communicate and educate each other about their cultures. There are always people who are going to do things that they are not supposed to and that shouldnít be done. I donít think anybody deserves to die. I donít think in London or America or England or Iraq deserves to die. We need to understand each other. Just because one group of people does something, you canít attack a whole culture, a whole religion.
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Ignorance has ripple effects. You have to cut it at the source. One of the things that alarmed me was the first thing you start seeing: the minute they heard the bombers were Muslim, Islam was under attack. Islam had nothing to do with what happened. If Timothy McVeigh was Catholic, would all Catholics be terrorists?

I put so much energy creatively into these Blackalicious so at the end you feel like you need to rejuvenate and refill your inspirational reservoir. Iím gonna chill for a second and explore sound and figure out what to do next. There will be a full length Maroons album. Lifesavaz are working on their second album. Ledecy and I have an album.

"So far the transition hasn't been that big of a deal for us because before we even signed we went into it saying 'even if we do sign to major we do want to keep our independent mentality', because that's kinda what has built the foundation over these past thirteen years.

"We've been together doing this for fifteen years now - it'd be one thing if we were a group who had just did a demo and just got signed or some shit like that. Our last record we sold 100,000 units in America alone independently. There's a lot of people on majors who haven't been able to do that.

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