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Bizzy Bone Quotes

"Death scarez me but Jesus will prepare me and Hopefully repair me as God would want'em to Ghetto media see tha thugs wash ur sins then iz tru u can be born again."

"...And all the while takin' care of my kids How will they live if I ain't hustlin', strugglin' (Trustin') Still keepin' Jesus a part of the solution He gives life in the lungs, Breath through the tongue. Look here he comes..."

"...and everybody a THUG now. EVERY FUCKING BODY A THUG! If i see another tattoo on another nigga'z stomach, I swear to God, if i see another nigga taking 2pac'z muthafuckin true essence and try'n to milk it, and make an establishment and profit off some bullshit. Man, I been done went to tha temple like Jesus did and lashed all you muthafuckaz for sellin' tha word. Quit snitch'n on tha community!"

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