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Billy Falcon Quotes

I think there's a lot of politics that goes on. I really don't know-how stuff comes together. But, I do know it comes down to the music. It comes down to Don hearing the CD and saying yes. But, how it gets to him, how it gets to that point where you even get a shot, a record co. gets involved, managers get involved. If Jon was there, he would get involved, my manager would get involved. The Stevie Nicks' thing was a last minute thing, and we got the tour. I co-wrote the song "Sometimes (It's a Bitch)," which is Stevie's single, with Jon. So, that might have had something to do with it. Her people, her managers, really loved my record. They suggested to Stevie to put me on. Stevie, for whatever reason, put us on, and by the end of the tour, we were good friends. She's been great to us. We had so much fun on the road, that her management recommended to Henley, it was the same management co., that I think when the opportunity came up, they recommended us for the tour, saying that we should get the shot. That's part of being professional. You build good will just by being good human beings.
Billy Falcon

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