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First of all, Bikini Kill is not Riot Grrrl and Riot Grrrl is not Bikini Kill. Theyíre totally separate entities, and thereís four people in Bikini Kill with very distinct ideas, and anything that comes out of my mouth, obviously people should know itís from my mouth, and not out of like, a hundred womenís mouths, or Kathiís mough, or Billís. I need to say this cos every time I say anything itís like...
Kathleen Hanna

Well, part of the thing is, like, whatís the difference between censorship and social responsibility? I sometimes find that the whole censorship argument is used as a way for people to avoid the fact that theyíre like...
Kathleen Hanna

But see, my idea on the whole thing is, hey, itís not the responsibility of marginalized, oppressed people to educate everyone. I personally wouldnít put myself in that position and go out there and do my schtick in front of the Red Hot Chili Peppers fan guys... because, you know...
Kathleen Hanna

You misunderstand me. What Iím saying is that I think that the way that masculinity has been constructed in our society is @#$%& boys up. Because, even if you just look at it on a personal level, itís like, I canít hang out with boys who havenít educated themselves or been educated in some meaningful way about sexism.
Kathleen Hanna

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