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I worked server/bartender by day while playing and partying like a rock star at night. I would wake up extremely hung over, throw on the same uniform, grab a coffee, and make the money.
Dan Verduin

I never want to give up my day job, I have the best job in the world: I am a musician/rock star!!! I get to create and play music for a living. How many people get to say that? Iíve worked plenty of crappy jobs in my past, and if I had to go back to working them I would probably have to kill myself!!!
Matthew Reed

We didnít have arguments, we had creative clashes. There were some lessons learned, but nothing we didnít talk through to get to the compromise.
Dan Verduin

I wish I knew the call sign for crazy women, according to the other band members I could load the airwaves with that one.
Matt Verduin:

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