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You know, especially within this kind of music the visual approach is really important. Okay, you can make good music, but we want everything surrounding the album as well to be connected to the music, the cover artwork, the photos, the layout. Iím a perfectionist. Okay, I can make music that Iím proud of but everything else is just as important. We want everything to be presented in a good way, to be a unity. 

Thatís the thing with Bewitched. We do what we feel at that time. For instance Iíve never worn a cowboy hat in my life, and now I wore it for the gig. Thatís just what we do. We donít care. If people dislike anything, let them do it. 

I really kind of was surprised because Bewitched hasnít been the most active band over the years. The last gig we did was actually at Party San in 2002, so itís actually been 5 years without any live activity whatsoever. And you know we got a new drummer as well. We didnít know what to expect really, since weíve been away for such a long time. But the people were into it, you know, even though the weather wasnít perfect, there were still a couple of moshpits. Because I personally with this weather I wouldnít go to see anything. So the people are really dedicated. And thatís perfect.

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