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The Bevis Frond Quotes

In 1968, when I was about 14 and still at school, I began my first band. We had a guy on drums called Bill O'Brien, who later became the drummer of Strider, who made a couple of albums in the early '70's. On bass we had my mate Ray Flores, and we also had as succession of useless singers. First, a guy called Charlie Webber, but only because his elder brother Steve was in a psychedelic band called The Geranium Pond and we could thus borrow their equipment. But poor old Charlie was so shit, he had to go! Then we got in another mate of ours called Mick Donovan who was a great dancer and really handsome. The perfect front man. Unfortunately he couldn't sing either , so it ended up as a 3 piece with me on vocals. I'd wanted to call the band The Museum, but one day on my way home from school with another mate, Julien Temple (who became a famous film maker later, wonder how he is these days), I tried the name out on him, and he said, 'I think Bevis Frond is much better'. I couldn't help but agree, so I called the band The Bevis Frond Museum. I always liked the name, so when I started doing my solo stuff in the mid '80's, I called it The Bevis Frond.
Nick Saloman

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