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Itís like Iíll sit down and put my hands on the piano or the guitar, and then Iíll hear a sound or Iíll feel a chord that will resonate and then Iíll get something happening in my voice. My voice is like a car that I get into and drive but I donít know where Iím going. And I record everything. And often, I sort of get into a state, a creative state that is, where Iím just feeling around melodically, and playing things off the top of my head. Then I go back and listen to it and for the first time, hear what I just did. Itís like Elvis has left the building while the thing is happening. 
Beth Nielsen Chapman 

I feel much more joyful about the things that I can notice now, that maybe I wasnít paying too much attention to before and theyíre the smallest things available to everybody. They are dumb, sort of, meaning that they are so obvious, like looking at a flower or watching the seasons change. Really appreciating a friend. Remembering that you know have this great day to spend and what you are going to do with it. Not getting so bogged down, and how am I doing, how do I compare, can I get more stuff.
Beth Nielsen Chapman 

Everything I go through, I grow. This music was written before I went through it. But the death of my husband informed a lot of my music. It opened me up. It sort of cracked me open, really. You know, going through the losses and grieving the losses, the way I deal with my grief is to write through it, write my way through it. One of the things I lost in terms of going through breast cancer is a sense of innocence that I am invincible. Now I have to honor my health more than my pocket book. I donít scramble around trying to get ahead at the price of my health. I have been a driven person before and sometimes I still am you know, but I am driven to stay healthy now more than driven to get ahead. We donít take care of ourselves physically. We sit there and knock back sodas and all these devastating unhealthy things. I love sodas, but they use them to wash blood off the highways. They use sodas. There something going on with that soda that can cut through the concrete. 
Beth Nielsen Chapman 

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