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Iím just saying you got a situation where you got a whole bunch of people trying to basically give their, I mean itís a situation where Black Enterprises is a [company of] Black uppity-ass n***as, okay? Who donít know about Hip-Hop, you got a whole culture of these writers or these people just stay in the f**king house donít even know what it is to be in f**king society as a f**king normal human being.

Iím coming back in on a f**king horse. Let me tell you something. I got lawyers so good that Jeff and Jeremy will be doing magazines in Alaska.

I feel their pain and that is what keeps me fighting. A lot of people out there are just willing to get that life raft and just save themselves. You got some people who will actually help to save people and I think that is where I am at.

The great thing about hip hop is every part of the country has established their own niche. Being from Boston I have listened to everything and we got accustomed to everything, but as time goes on everywhere is getting accustomed to everything. It all has to come from the music for me. It is a natural thing.

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