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Bent Fabric Quotes

From the day I met my ex-girlfriend’s grandmother and instant bond was formed. She was the epitome of what I imagined my grandmother to be, if I had one. We would wile our time away watching soap operas and gossiping. Occasionally she would bake me the most delectable treats. Yum!
Anyhoo, Mom-Mom, as she liked to be called, was an excellent pianist and our visits would culminate with her regaling me with some of her songs. One song in particular struck my fancy and she almost always ended our private concerts by playing that song. The song was Alley Cat by an artist named Bent Fabric. When she died she willed me the record of it. And there you go. The name Bent Fabric is a tribute to Mom-Mom. Of course, I could have summed that up in two sentences but that just wouldn’t be me. ;)
Bent Fabric

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