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Benny Mardones Quotes

I usually start my day off by going to the gym and working out a little bit. It depends, if I have sessions to do, I do that. Other times I sit at the piano and try to write songs. With the new album I've been on the phone a lot with radio stations. It's been crazy. I was doing like two morning shows a day and I was on the phone literally with 40-50 radio stations a day for six weeks. Calling every station and having them call me. It was just a mutual thing. Me trying to get the record airplay and them doing interviews, and me doing morning shows, and doing ID's and drops. You know, 'Hi, this is Benny Mardones. When I'm in Skokie, Illinois, I listen to WSKO.' That kind of stuff.
Benny Mardones

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