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"Emo means emotional. So you might as well say that Neil Young is emo, and John Lennon is emo, and Bob Dylan is emo, and Lou Reed is emo, and that the fuckin' Violent Femmes are emo -- you know what I mean? I just feel like that's kind of a ridiculous -- no one's really explaining what it is or what it should be. I wish there was an actual definition for it."

"If Dashboard is the emo sound, then it's confusing if people are calling me emo. I dunno -- people just say shit, I really don't care, but--

"I've been on a real Credence Clearwater kick. I've been collecting their albums on CD -- right now I really like 'I Put a Spell on You.' I don't know who actually wrote it; it might be a traditional, or like, an old blues song, I haven't looked in the liner notes, but it's the first song on their first album. I love all the hits; I mean @#$%&, I like every one of them. I think my favorite song by John Fogerty is 'Have You Ever Seen the Rain?' They're my favorite American band of all time, totally."

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