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The beautiful mistake started in January of 2001 with Shawn Grover, Josh Quesadad and I wanting a fresh start musically from the band we had been in before. Jon Berndtson actually joined on bass shortly after we formed and despite having a few drummer changes, the core of Shawn, Jon and I was intact up until last month.
Josh Hagquist

We just never want to put ourselves in a box and write the same stuff over and over again. A lot of bands want to ride a wave of popularity but their shelf-life is limited because people’s tastes change. I hope we push bands in that genre to experiment more because bands like cave-in, hum, failure, snapcase etc...have pushed us and inspired us to evolve.
Josh Hagquist

I enjoy reading the classics but I don't put much stock into critical acclaim. I love books that deal with history, art, religion, philosophy, politics and compare different movements in each, showing how although each topic can be autonomous in it's own right...that all of them are connected and through history if there was a movement in one, there was a movement in all of them.
Josh Hagquist

It is metaphorical for us in the sense that we, as humans, surround ourselves with negativity. With people who bring us down. With all this stuff that clouds, not only our perceptions, but our judgement. i think that the only way to move forward and grow is to "die" to the things that prevent you from growth. Metaphorically "die" to all the garbage that we surround ourselves with...material or actual people. That is what it meant to me.
Josh Hagquist

We had all been playing in bands with singing and screaming for years and I think with the news songs it was just letting some new influences come to the front with the song writing. We wanted to do something fresh and not sound like every other band out there right now.
Josh Hagquist

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