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Before we started writing we did feel pressure because of the success of the first record. One of the first songs that we wrote was ďOut Of My HeartĒ which is the first single. As soon as we wrote that, we knew we just set the standard and every other song had to be as good if not better.
Christian Burns

I hate it when you buy a record for the single and find out that is the only good song on the album.
Christian Burns

Iím a firm believer that if you work hard you get results. We werenít going to sell a million albums if we just released a single and disappeared. We came here in January of 2000 and we didnít go home for a year. We did promotion, tours and the album went platinum.
Christian Burns

Some record labels want to package you in a certain way and we didnít want that. Once the record company saw we had some substance and were not a one hit wonder. They got 100% behind us.
Christian Burns

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