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Bastard Noise Quotes

The main transition in my eyes has been the greater acceptance of non-conventional sound within the underground world of expression... There are a lot more "ordinary" artists and about the same amount of incredible ones. If there has been any trend, it has been to make the most fucked up racket possible and designate oneself as a "legitimate" artist. It more than likely assists the units that take sound seriously.
Eric Wood

While our unique instrumentation goes a long way to giving The Bastard Noise an identifiable sound, undoubtedly the most important factor is composition and performance by members doing so together for the better part of two decades. Making music with computers is ultimately no different than making music with Violins; Any jerk-off who plays a Stradivarius is still a "jerk-off", while a great player can make a pawn shop fiddle sound out of this world.

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