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“I’ve learned the lyrics of that era were more horizontal than vertical,” 
“A lot of songs from the 1700s were direct praises to Jesus, and that’s reflected on the first Hymned record. But in the 1800s the message was often person-to-person, an ‘I’ve got to get my brother or sister saved’ way of expressing faith.” 
Bart Millard

“If the song was upbeat, we’d get out a funky Harry Connick, Jr. album, some Louis Prima big band, or a Bob Wills swing record for inspiration and swing for the fence, hoping to get that ‘soundtrack to your life’ vibe. And if it was a slow song, we’d go the other way and really make it worshipful.” 
Bart Millard

I came to know Christ when I was 13 years old at a youth camp I attended. I may not have known much about Him, but I knew I was saved by grace and that, because of the cross, I had a hope like no other. I cannot imagine life without Him.
Bart Millard

I think the hymns give us a glimpse of the generations before us, and what was important to them at the time. Even though they are usually singing similiar messages that are in today's music, it is good to be reminded that the message of Christ is just as much relevant today as it was then.
Bart Millard

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