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The Barracudas Quotes

I grew up in the shadow of rock and roll I was 12 when it came to take my soul And once it gets you it donít let go
Jeremy Gluck

"Well, being quite bright Robin and I decided that, to make any impression, we had to actually choose one genre of all those we loved (punk, surf or pop) and make of it a Grail...and we chose surf, simply because it was chronologically correct and the least likely to invite competition.
Jeremy Gluck

A lot of you may be wondering what a Woody is. Iíll tell ya! A Woody is a car we take to the beach we get in the Woody with a lot of girls and drive to the beach park the Woody take the boards to the beach get off the beach get in the water get on the board get on the curl SHOOT THE CURL get off the curl get on the wave get off the wave get on the beach get off the beach get in the Woody then we go home SINGING OUR SONG!
Jeremy Gluck

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