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Badly Drawn Boy Quotes

I was quietly confident for a few years that I had good enough music in me to be heard, but I think if you plan too far ahead and try and convince people you're never going to do it. You have to stick something out there for people to dip their toes into, the rest of it you can't control. I'm not trying to be elusive, but I'd rather be elusive than in people's face every other minute in the media... you need to balance that as well. A lot of the press I have had has been great, but some bands get cocky because of that. There is an important relationship between musicians and the press, you need to be clever to balance it.

I moved to Manchester from Bolton about three years ago, and it's just how you imagine it to be! You go out to the shops or the pub and bump into loads of other interesting and inspiring people. Through one person, Andy Votel who I set the label up with, I've met a circle of friends who are involved in similar things to me. I know the Doves very well, we've just done a live version of Road Movie, Andy's worked with Jane Weaver... it's nice because a lot of people are starting to mention us all.

I'd agree with that... I'm notorious for not having any one style. Because I'm on my own I can afford to work with anyone I want. Like working with DJ Shadow, different engineers, Andy Votel who I set a label up with will be working on my next EP... we need to nail that before Christmas so that we can get it out before February. I do enjoy that approach, but for the album, recent albums that I'm into like the Air album (Moon Safari) you can suck in in one listen. It sounds like an album that was meant to be. I'm conscious that I shouldn't be too eclectic.

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