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Bad English Quotes

I think Bad English was great and I think the three albums since then have been great, and I'm focusing on that. I have to let go of it, because it's such a mess, you know.
John Waite

I mean, The Babys you know, I always fought for the best stuff, and Bad English and Temple Bar and When You Were Mine it's just really incredible to have somebody that you've never even met take your work over and release it sounding inferior. I'm just beyond disgusted and if anybody reads this out there I recommend strongly that you don't get this crap, just move on to the new stuff and stick with what's current.
John Waite

Well this whole terrorist thing doesn't have any affect on me. I refuse to…you know, we fly a lot at the moment, we're doing all these one-off dates and we just got off doing one of those big benefit dates in Dallas. You know, that's how it is. I absolutely will not let it affect where and how I play.
John Waite

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