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Bad Company Quotes

The spirit of the music and the energy that kicks back from the fans inspires me. To stay centered amidst the chaos I meditate. I first meditated at age 17 and have continued off and on through the years. 
Paul Rodgers

When Paul first came back two years ago, we rehearsed in New York. I was really nervous. Paul just came in the room and counted off “All Right Now” and I was playing the song with Simon Kirke and Paul Rodgers! It doesn’t get any better does it? 
Dave Colwell 

Paul is the principal songwriter. I think that it is tough. I write songs but not as prolific as Paul. I find it much easier to write songs with people. I wrote “Bad Company” with Paul. My best songs are collaborations. I don’t think our approach is any different than it ever was. We sit down in a pre-rehearsal room and we throw songs at each other and the good ones make it and the bad ones don’t. It is pretty simple and democratic.
Simon Kirke

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