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Bachman-Turner Overdrive Quotes

I left the band in early 1977 and at that point I was going to do a solo project. Back in the beginning, I financed the band, the album, and produced it. I also had the foresight to take out and register the trademark with the B.T.O. gear and the B.T.O. logo. I said, "Look, I need my name, Bachman, 'cause I'm going out as a solo." At the time I owned everything. They said "we want to continue going as the band B.T.O." So we decided they would take the B.T.O. and I would take the Bachman-Turner Overdrive and out of that I could use my name, Bachman. It's really weird when somebody else owns your name. So that was our split. 
Randy Bachman

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