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Cash and interest always helps and finally it came. The real reason is that Iím a D.A.D (drunk and disorderly) twice over. My little girl is five so I have been trying to steal back my sleep. I wrote a few novels, did a film score, had an ECG but Iím fine now. I also released a treble and quadruple album of instrumental music so all in all Iíve been at it, in other ways.
Stephen Jones

When I write, sat at a piano, or playing a badly detuned guitar with three strings, I empty my head - think of nothing - and play. Without sounding poncy, itís meditation. I have never sat and copied chords, or styles. There's also the idea, that music is there ultimately to take you somewhere else, away from all your problems, and I was playing with that. Usually my lyrics are very prominent, and I was hoping to blend them more to the music.
Stephen Jones

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