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"when I was the biggest Micheal Jackson fan. I got to uh... attend one of his concerts I remember I had the Micheal Jackson shirt on, I was real far up in the row I could'nt really see nothin but I remember, I remember the slight... huh... vision I was up there rockin!"

"These are mature young ladies so we gonna do da mature thang…off camera."

"As you can see I love new socks. When company come over i give them a pair of new socks cause they feet be stankin & stuff."
Lil' Fizz

"I'm hungry i'm hungry no i'm getting full i'm getting full"
Raz B

"you have stepped into the den of a playa and once you've enetered there is no going back. Be aware when u step into this room you should be prepared to be pimped and if you feel like you dont want to be pimped then dont step or enter my den..nah nah thats just a lil knowledge you know i be poppin dat knowledge, but right here is the japanese bed very low but very spacious and umm.. yeah see here we didnt kill any animals well im lying, i dont know what animal was killed but um, i didnt kill it. got that on my conscience(smiles)"
J Boog

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