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Yes itīs correct, we think that Avantgarde Records did not work their best for us, they didnīt work 10% of their best for us in fact, and we were very dissapointed about that, so we decided to work with another company, and Metal Age was the one that could give us their best, itīs a small company, but they really want to work, and they are doing a great work so far, so we are really happy about signing with them.

We all like horror and gore movies, and we think that reallity always is more shocking than fiction, thatīs the reason why our lyrics are mostly based upon real facts that weīve seen in the news and translated into that gory style while writing the lyrics, Dave Rotten always does the writing stuff in this gory style. For example, the song "Let Me Taste Your Flesh" talks about the Rottenburg cannibal, hehe!

....reallity is the best inspiration, you cannot watch TV news or read the newspapers without getting shocked by what human being is able to do, we are the worst scum in this world.

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