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Average White Band Quotes

We formed in 1972 in London, England and we felt we did as much as we could in England. We always wanted to come to the States. That's where all our heroes lived. It's good to get close to the source as it were. We decided to move over, come Hell or high water 'round about the end of '73. We basically just came over and stayed. We recorded an album which became the basis of what became the White Album, the Average White Band's first album on Atlantic (Records). Atlantic basically signed us. After probably eight albums for Atlantic, nine all together, our first was recorded in England but released in the States, we decided to dis-band. We had a number of problems that came up via record company litigations. Basically, the trends had changed by that time. Rhythm and Blues was fresh. We kind of heralded the disco era, although we were never a disco band. To be honest, "Pick Up The Pieces" really started as a hit in the clubs and then it crossed over into radio and chart success. This phenomenal success takes it's toll after being on the road for ten years.
Onnie McIntyre

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