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What I love the most is the fans! The way they, well, not “jump” on us – it is nice sometimes (he laughs) - but if it’s in an aggressive way of course you’re not going to like that. I love the reaction of the fans: the way they show love, the way they come to us and they tell us, look, I like this song because of that beat right there, and the lyrics remind me of such and such.

What I hate is the “haters”. There are a lot of haters in this industry, who just can’t accept that we did something new, we brought a new style, we are still up here, we’re not going anywhere and you’ve got to deal with us.

Right now we’re working on a couple of projects, Lenny and I. We’re producing separate groups. I’m working on a solo project, Mikey is doing his solo project, but it’s not necessarily a break-up.

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